Monday, 10 August 2009

cage it

my love of cage/harness wear has not gone since buying my floral cage skirt of angie from Norwegian wood in october last year

and it seems like mainstream fashion has finally caught up with this wicked accessory as they are now available at topshop!!!

although they don't come in whatever colour you want they are still definitely something i'd recommend you'd buy as they make any outfit just that little more interesting:

also i've always loved angie's harnesses but as they are mostly in black i've never thought i'd wear them as they aren't really girlie enough for my liking.. that is until i saw a recent one in nude:

i also loved the fact that it had more layers of elastic... i decided that as $400 is WAAAAAAAY out of my price range i'd make one myself out of some nude elastic, some bikini buckles and some beaded shoulders from another top i never wear.. and even though i'm a self confessed rubbish sewer and i didn't have enough to make it as long as Angie's i think it turned out ok:

i also have some thicker nude elastic so am making a nude elastic cage skirt - watch this space

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