Thursday, 2 July 2009

stuff i want

bum bag tee.. altho i only wear tshirts tucked into skirts so this would be totally pointless.. but its still coolio:
mini bubble necklace to match the bubble dress that lady gaga totally stole off me.. the hussy:
cigarette socks... i think miss bladder would likey lotty these:
this chandelier just for in my living room to hang junk off:
this hot dog bag... for obvious reasons:


Miss Bladder said...

If they're over the knee then yes. I want them. Even if they do remind me of how much I miss smoking. Is a slow, premature death really *that* bad?

Miss V said...

wow the necklace is great!
i guess if i had these socks i would smoke even more.probably every time i'd look at my feet :D