Monday, 6 July 2009

favourite fashion inspiration

Fashion is a funny old thing innit! well, i think it is anyway.. i love clothes that are either just a big fingers up to everyone in their blatant non-bothered-ness or alternatively completely bonkers..

behold my 2 favourite examples of fashion:

helena bonham carter..

i think
a) she is beautiful
b) she couldn't give a shite

that makes me love her..

she looks awesome in most of her film roles.. she has such a pretty face.. i'm a sucker for huge eyebrows and cupid bow lips

she also did the photo shoot with tim burton and tim walker which resulted in this hair style, that i think is my favourite hairstyle ever.. (if we don't include the bear/nest hair do from a few posts ago)

but, the thing that makes me love her so much is when she's dressed down..

she gets totally slated for her off duty attire, i however think she looks excellent.. i was an old school grunger back in the early 90's and i did not look unlike this:

except that i was a teenager so had my peach framed glasses i'd chosen when i was 12 (which my mum hadn't let me replace as i had such a bad history of smashing glasses she was reluctant to pay out) and i looked a lot less cute due to massive amounts of teen angst that gushed out of my very soul.

Bjork on the other hand is just full blown crazy town.. if it wasn't for the fact that i need to get 2 kids ready every morning and that also i may be sectioned, i would so wear what bjork wears every day..

i'd wear this...

to tesco's.. you know cos its spaghetti and it's a food shop! see what i did there!


on the school run.. seeings as though the school gate is gossip central and the women there all whisper like a bunch of 6 year olds i can use my handy ear petal sensors to pick up scathing remarks that i can then announce to the group and watch them tear each other to shreds leaving me a free path to deliver my child to the school.

and this..

for attending kids birthday parties.. just cute enough for the kids to love it, but bonkers enough for the parents to keep their distance.. perfect outfit material!

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