Saturday, 27 June 2009

stuff i like on this drizzly day!

this dress of etsy... i already have one of this girls tops with the long sleeves but this dress is infinitely better.. its sold out so i need to find out when she's re-stocking!!
drunken kids story illustrations
dancing girls
this girl i found on facebook who wears petals on her lips and mini flowers on her eyelashes!

vincent gallo

i love you... though not as much as macaulay culkin... sorry x

i seriously think he is the only man in the world that i like equally with a beard as without... i'm a HUGE beard fan so that is saying a lot!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

kate moss paper doll

ever wondered what it feels like to be kate moss dressing in the morning? i know i haven't! well, wonder no more.. kate moss dress up paper doll available for the bargain price of... £13.50!!??? yeah riiiight!

they also do a lovely line of colouring in books depicting mossy and other celebs so you can see what they look like with green hair and purple skin.. or you could just photoshop them and save your money!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

topshop competition

topshop photo entries:

accessorize with flowers:
floral outfit:

favourite outdoor place:

fun stuff i like today:

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BJD love xx

i am so in love with BJD (ball jointed dolls) 

i found out about these amazing dolls a few months ago when i spotted one on etsy and i checked into it further and discovered that they are a special french resin doll that is hand sculptered and painted to your specification.. you can have them realistic or more anime inspired depending on which company/designer you buy off.. you can even change their wigs and eyes once you have it! i think they are stunning.. just like owning a little fairy.. they are unfortunately about £200-£400 :-( boo 

so until i have money to burn i made a necklace of one to make me feel better.. 

you can get a customised version of this necklace on my folksy site:

Friday, 12 June 2009

stuff i love today

these shoes of etsy:
really must buy some trainers to cover in random bits!
want this hive hat of etsy too:
how amazing is this skirt
mail order bride:
crazy mechanical lady folk:
i want these eyelashes - tho not too practical when doing anything other than looking dowm: