Wednesday, 27 May 2009

lady amalthea

back when i was a little kid i had the HUGEST girl crush on lady amalthea from 'the last unicorn' which was a crazy old kids film which is really overly dramatic and depressing. Which explains why i continued to love it well into my teens as they were two of my most prominent qualities.

Lady amalthea was a unicorn that had been transformed into a human to escape capture from the crazy old king dude that had trapped all of the other unicorns in the sea (as you do) and she was ridiculously pale with brilliant white hair and a star imprinted on her forehead where her horn should be:

recently i have found myself veering towards lilac (which has to this day been my most hated colour along with baby pink ~ bleugh) which whenever i wear along with my newly light blonde hair reminds me of the lovely amalthea.. unfortunately i can never be as white haired or white skinned as her so i decided to see if there were any people that have tried to copy her look.. and after a quick google search i discovered there were plenty... due to the anime quality of the film there were loads of cosplayers who have tried  but i think this girl did the best:

obviously thats a wig but how amazing would it be to have hair that colour.. reminds me of 'howls moving castle' when sophie's hair turns white at the end.. 

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Nicolette said...

I, too, have always had a huge girl crush on lady amalthea! In college my roommate and I would watch the last Unicorn whenever we would get depressed... that or the exorcist :) I'm thinking about being her for Halloween.