Wednesday, 15 April 2009

spring! i do not like you!

Have wanted to wear this green summer dress i got for a lovely ten squids from Tesco since i picked it up instead of groceries to feed my starving family.. but alas the crappy weather has forbid me my dream! So i tied up the waist bunged on some opaques and a fur coat and set out to the park and then lo and behold the sun doesn't just peek out but blared down it's boiling-ness apon my poor black tight-ed self that was also laden with not only mine, but cherry and belle's fur jackets! gah! blinking sun.. !

on another note as you can see my youngest has decided that blue gingham school dresses three sizes too big are the fashion calling of the day so thats what she wore.. with red tights and silver glitter shoes!? She's most definitely my child!!

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