Thursday, 5 March 2009

i will never tire of this outfit!!

Topshop may have tried (but hugely failed) at making a harlequin jumpsuit (i could have stomached the sequins but shorts too!! come on!!) but nothing will ever be as good as the vintage one that alison from goldrapp wore for her album cover 

i was actually quite into the circus look at the time and already had a bunch of harlequin clothing and a ruff when it came out so when ben saw this he text me and said 

"kirsty, you will die when you see goldfrapp's album photos!!" and then he probably mentioned something about a mac or an iphone or his work.. i dunno i switch off after ben mentions anything remotely fashion orientated as you can be sure thats his way of grabbing your attention so he can bore you to death for 20 minutes.... 

any way getting back to the original post - he wasn't wrong - harlequin - ruff - field - the cheeky bint also managed to pop a pirate's hat in there (of which i've tried numerous fancy dress shops to aquire as it turns out i have quite an unusually large head for a girl.. and the only ones i found had hair sewn in - which could be fun but might actually just look a little bizarre as the hair didn't match mine...? i dunno) crikey how long did that bracketed section go on for.. my english teacher would be turning in her grave..... well if she was dead she would.... anyhoos here are the pics to remind you guys of its beauty..

i think i may post a wanted add on the alchemy on etsy to see if someone can make me one as the materials shouldn't be that expensive.. xx

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