Thursday, 26 February 2009

irregular choice ice cream bag

god bless those IC peeps - they've only gone and blinking started making lush bags for me... (thank the lord for is all i can say - buying overprices shoes and bags on credit just fills me with a warm bubbly feeling thats not dislike drinking tea) here i am with the purdy ice cream clutch i just received - it needed to be clashed (of course) so i tried it with my IC fruit court, vintage jungle skirt and a vintage leotard i got for £1.99 off ebay.. (love you ebay)

i also decided that as i keep favouring mine and my sisters smile-without-showing-your-teeth grin i decided a psycho manic mouth bigger than my head look was long overdue.. hence why i look slightly like i should be locked in a tiny box and thrown into a river.. xx

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