Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hussein Chalayan - officially my favourite designer EVER....

... the designer who makes most of bjork's famous (and in my opinion best) dresses that i love so much:

.. this one reminds me of a christmas decoration - i so want a skirt like this but have no idea how to go about making it??? if anyone knows please tell me!!

a dress that is made from bells!!! hello!! genius!! i want it!!!

giant rock necklace.. :-) if your not brave enough for full on nutcase-ness

giant ruffles!!  this one may be a tad inconvenient whilst trying to purchase drinks at the bar. 

a skirt that turns into a table!!!! this guy is my god!!! stuck in a crowded pub with loads of meathead's hogging the seats?? tada - instant table!

...and ... oh my god!! my favourite!! i so really do want this for my wedding day!! a bit risque at a family event true - but HELLO its bubbles... a dress thats BUBBLES!!! i am so in love with this it hurts!

... and if all that isn't enough he sends models down the catwalk completely naked apart from ufo's on their heads!!! just incase you were bored of seeing clothes!! 

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