Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Heather & Ellie

last year i entered a photo competition and came 3rd - heather and ellie came 1st and after visiting their photo's on flickr i forgive them for thrashing me to a free pair of shoes a month for a year (well nearly - who could really forgive that!!) as their photos are really ace - here's just a few for your viewing pleasure: 

my eldest cherry has a dress with a heart cut out on the back and i have to practically force her by means of blackmail/ bribes to get her in it as she prefers skulls and stars - kids - pah! and she's only blinking 7!!
my love for circus/ clowns etc continues.. i need a cone hat
alien barbie's
love this photo so much.. would love it more if instead of hearts it was a harlequin box..

and yes i also want a rabbit hood and tail.. i'm not sure when i'll grow out of wanting various ridiculous costume pieces to wear out to the pub, but i'm thinking it wont be soon...

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