Sunday, 9 November 2008


so now that circus is in fashion i'm kind of happy kind of sad.. this always happens to me.. i find a new look that i really love and then when it eventually comes into fashion its good cos the shops are filled with it but crap because i look like some weird fashion victim.. *cough* anyways, i have to decide on a bit of a new look.. though i wont leave circus behind completely as i love it... basically i started wearing circus stuff cos i wanted to be in the circus.. same as i used to wear ballet outfits, fairy outfits and generally bonkers bananas crazy head crapola cos.. well you get the idea.. so what else do i want to be when i 'ahem' grow up... :-P i think show-girl chic may start soon... i am a magpie when it comes to sequins! or maybe with my new love of metallic's i should venture into space cadet territory.. i do have a rather funky space cadet dress which hasn't been worn for ages, though i think i may take the hem up to make it a little more wearable.....

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