Tuesday, 25 November 2008

new favourite dress

this vintage dress is now my new favourite item of clothing.. i cut off the full length sleeves so they are 3/4 length and added black pom poms down the front...

and it goes so well with this hat.... which i love!!!
my new circus dress xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

feather skirt :-(

i am so in love with this skirt but alas feather and zip were not meant for the same garment and i'm gunna have to part with it as i just think i'm gunna end up having to rip it to get the blasted thing off one day.. but i did take some photos to celebrate its loveliness before it goes back to its maker..  bye bye pretty skirt that leaves a trail of tiny feathers wherever i go.. you will be missed.. tho not by my hoover who has it's work cut out in my house anyway!

Friday, 14 November 2008

belle's funny face

i finally discovered where belle found her favourite funny face whilst watching little mermaid...

I want..

i so want some lovely peep toe shoe boots.. there are so many out there at the moment but due to the bloody inconvenience of christmas and the fact i have two rather expectant kiddlywinkos instead of these...... 

i have decided that this is more in my price range...
unfortunately this doesn't adorn your tooties but i feel its equally as cool.. if not more so:

remember these...? maybe i'll luck out and get one in a cracker WOOOOOOOOOOOP!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008




the moment i wake up
before i put on my make-up
i say a little prayer for you..

ode to my postie who is the only person unfortunate enough to see me in the morning sans make-up...

and never mind a prayer - give that guy a medal or a raise.. as long as i don't have to cough up for it! kisses

Monday, 10 November 2008

rings by pieandbelle

fortunes r us

here was my fortune in my cookie...
i feel this one would have been far more accurate.. seeings as though i work from home... although if those lottery numbers do come up i will retract this post....

Sunday, 9 November 2008

face off

this is how i'm going to look when i'm old aparently... not bad
this is what i would look like if i decided to go afro-Caribbean.. like you do
and east asian..
and back in time... which is quite odd as this actually looks a lot like my niece.. if my niece was a bit of an evil spooky bizarre alien...?


blue sequin jumpsuit

when is somewhere gunna rip of the feist video and make me a blue sequin jumpsuit to buy???

i need it - it doesn't even have to be blue.. any colour just sparklies! the best i've found is this topshop one which i fear may have me arrested or dead from hypothermia 

also that annoying bird from big brother is wearing it which does dampen its appeal...

shoes made for my sister

so i made some shoes for my sister... i used shoe boots to make the bunnies and brown peep toes for the chocolate ones inspired by the irregular choice ones out at the moment....

these are my fav.. i love the pom pom tails

ring masters jacket

i want this from asos but its like £65 boo to you ASOS


if i am ever to get married this is the only ring i will say 'i do' too...

JDavisStudio on etsy


seahorse necklace

right so i do try to be all politically correct and right on but when i found this seahorse necklace made from a real seahorse i had to have it.. yes i know its cruel yada yada but its also pretties.. not a very good argument granted... i suppose also if the seahorse does become extinct i could have the only dna left in the world, then they could 'jurassic park' it and i'll be a hero... until all the mutated seahorses eat us.. 

old photos

this is one of my favourite hats...
love these gold leggings


so now that circus is in fashion i'm kind of happy kind of sad.. this always happens to me.. i find a new look that i really love and then when it eventually comes into fashion its good cos the shops are filled with it but crap because i look like some weird fashion victim.. *cough* anyways, i have to decide on a bit of a new look.. though i wont leave circus behind completely as i love it... basically i started wearing circus stuff cos i wanted to be in the circus.. same as i used to wear ballet outfits, fairy outfits and generally bonkers bananas crazy head crapola cos.. well you get the idea.. so what else do i want to be when i 'ahem' grow up... :-P i think show-girl chic may start soon... i am a magpie when it comes to sequins! or maybe with my new love of metallic's i should venture into space cadet territory.. i do have a rather funky space cadet dress which hasn't been worn for ages, though i think i may take the hem up to make it a little more wearable.....

floral tights


new favourite store for tights - these are the two i like - i've been looking for floral tights for ages with no luck.. only managing to find floral lace ones :-( boo so when i stumbled onto this site i was very happy... if you like to have statement.. legs?? lol its a godsend.. xxxx

Saturday, 8 November 2008

cage skirt and metallics

out for kels birthday in my new love, metallics.. metallic blue skirt and metallic rainbow shoes with metallic rainbow headband made from sequins... and also with a splash of harlequin - naturally gotta bung a bit of cirque in there :-) x

with the birthday girl who was twenty-something xx love you smelly
in my new cage skirt i got from a lovely lady on etsy.. i was trying it on over some outfits to decide what to wear this sat... i like the bowler hat one best i think... xx